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BioStar: An Insider’s Report

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My job at BioStar is to taste-test formulas, lick up any crumbs of Optimum that may have fallen on the floor during the production run, entertain the employees, and try to con anyone into sneaking me another dog treat. I also do my best to manage Tigger, but that is a hopeless situation.

My entertaining personality is actually a very important role at BioStar.  My human says that in the making of BioStar products, there cannot be “negative juju” around, because it can affect the vibrational quality of the foods.

BioStar is a pretty laid back and fun place to hang out. When I’m not making my rounds checking on customer service, accounting, HR, production, raw materials, packing and shipping, I take naps in my office (my human thinks it’s her office, but we’ve agreed to disagree). And, of course I attend all meetings and try to get my picture on more labels.  The humans pat my head, but won’t answer me on that.

Things you may not know about BioStar:

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