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Diary of a Dog: Post-Surgery Days

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Post-surgery Going Home Day:  For some, recovery is sweet and simple – a few meds, an extra day off and then it’s back to work or play. Others have traumatic experiences and extensive periods of recuperation. I’m somewhere in between.  I like the extra attention and enjoy the meat-flavored meds but gosh I’m sore.  And it’s right under my leg, so standing, walking, moving, eating and peeing all hurt. Can we please move to a house without steps to get outside?

Post-surgery Grace, dog days of summer on the porch
Post-surgery Annoying Day
:  If I promise not to lick the shaved spot or go for the sutures can we take off the silly t-shirt? I understand the goal is to keep things from getting messy, but this shirt is way to big and almost droops down to my paws. Annoyance doesn’t help relieve stress.

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