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BioStar at Wellington: A Dog’s-Eye View (Part 1)

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Aussie shepherd Kemosabe and his human, Tigger, have been visiting many horses and barns in Wellington for the past month at the annual Winter Equestrian Festival. While Tigger has been busy helping the horses with their diets, ‘Sabe has taken to chronicling the experience to share with you all….

Kemosabe: It has been very busy here since we got to Wellington, Florida. The Winter Equestrian Festival is in full swing with the hunter/jumper circuit and the dressage circuit.

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Featured Rider: Will Coleman

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Will Coleman

Will Coleman

Will Coleman has been feeding BioStar supplements to his horses for 2 years.  Twizzel’s BioStar program includes 100% whole food supplements Empower (organic hemp seed oil) and Colostrum-38 (pure bovine colostrum with 38% IgG).


“Twizzel is a 17 year old, Westphalian-Australian TB X. By the great Argentinus, Twizzel carries with him the strong personality and character of his father, and training him has always been a balance between allowing that personality to shine and keeping his ego in check.”

From Empower (organic hemp seed oil), Twizzel gets a healthy supply of all the fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9) as well as the potent anti-inflammatory factor GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Organic hemp seed oil has also been found to help maintain muscle glycogen stores.

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