Take a Bite out of Lyme: The Lyme Disease Challenge

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Take the Lyme Disease Challenge!

The Lyme Disease Challenge raises awareness and funding for improved Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.  Similar to last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, this one asks you to simply take a bite out of a lime.

Did you know?
Lyme disease in humans has been reported in every state except Hawaii and has been found on every continent except Antarctica. And, after treatment, there are still no tests available to prove that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease has been eradicated or that the patient is actually cured.

Currently, there is no USDA approved Lyme disease vaccine for use in horses. Some horse owners have elected to vaccinate their horses using one of three Lyme disease vaccines approved for use in dogs. However, there is no research or clinical information to support the use of any dog vaccine for Lyme disease prevention in the horse.

In people, Lyme disease is called the “great imitator.” The same may be said of trying to diagnose this disease in horses. In the horse, as in humans, it may cause clinical signs which resemble other diseases, or it may be present and cause no clinical symptoms at all. In addition, this organism is extremely difficult to isolate from a live horse. So, in order to diagnose a horse with Lyme disease, other common causes of the clinical signs of disease must first be eliminated.

Taking the Challenge:
BioStar enthusiastically supports protecting ourselves and our animals, so we took the challenge.  We have donated to ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and encourage you to do the same!

Taking a bite out of a lime is a small, albeit sour, price to pay for real progress toward Lyme-free living.  Here we are, in all our glory — our main office staff, and a couple of dogs too — taking the Lyme Disease Challenge!

BioStar takes the Lyme Disease Challenge!

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