The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3

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When she’s not in the lab (and sometimes when she is), BioStar Founder and Formulator Tigger Montague is a voracious reader. The Real Food Reading List invites you to check out some of the books she’s recently digested, and learn how they’ve helped in the search for the same real food Tigger and BioStar work to provide.

The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating by Jaffrey M. Smith

The author was a former executive with the leading independent laboratory testing for GM presence in foods. His experience with corporate influence and government collusion on the safety of GMO foods is not to be understated.  After Mr. Smith left his position he felt compelled to expose the machinations and dangers of GMO foods.


The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

I was first introduced to this book when I was in seventh grade, and it planted the seeds of environmentalism in me. This book was instrumental in bringing about the banning of DDT.

The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

Well-known author Barbara Kingsolver and her family abandoned the industrial food pipeline to spend a year growing and living off their own food.  A really powerful story.

The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3

The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply, and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself by Robyn O’Brien

This mother from a conservative family became a crusader when she linked a violent allergic reaction in her daughter to the hidden toxins in food.


The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3

The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption and the Control of our Food Supply by Marie-Monique Robin

To understand how our food supply became controlled by a few large corporations, one must understand the role and power played by Monsanto and why this company is a serious threat to plant diversity and health.


The BioStar Real Food Reading List, Part 3

Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness by Lisa M. Hamilton

A fascinating journey into the lives of three farmers: an African-American dairyman in Texas, a tenth-generation rancher in New Mexico, and a family in North Dakota breeding heirloom vegetables. An amazing look at farmers not following the industrial food system.

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