They’re Coming… Artisan Poultices for Horses

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Two years in research and development, and thirteen months of product testing to finally see the first Artisan poultices for horses become available!

Artisan poultices are hand-made by carefully, and slowly blending the base clays with herbs and extracts. Metal can reduce the effectiveness of the clays, and as such these poultices are never mixed in metal containers, by machines, or with metal utensils or instruments. We hand blend each poultice in the time-honored tradition of the ancient healers. What this means for your horse is a poultice of unparalleled quality and efficacy.

BioStar’s Artisan Poultices for horses will be available September 1. The poultice line will include: Traumera, a poultice for stings, bites, bumps, abrasions, and hives. Origin LLM, a poultice for legs, backs, necks and other sore muscle areas. Hoof and Sole, a poultice for feet including abcesses, bruises, and hoof packing. BioStar is also offering the first dry poultice formulas which a person can mix up at home, or at a show. Both Origin LLM and Hoof and Sole will be available in pre-mixed as well as dry poultices on the launch date.

Stay tuned for more information!

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