Tigger Talks: The Canine Rotation Diet

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There are some excellent reasons for considering a canine rotation diet — that is, regularly switching the types of food your dog eats, and even the brands you’re selecting. Get all the details below, as Tigger Montague of BioStar US discusses rotation diet methods and benefits in a fresh installment of the Kim Baker Radio Show.

Each month on the show (a segment of Horse Radio Network’s most popular program, Horses in The Morning), Tigger addresses nutrition questions large and small. This month, she focuses some deserved attention on those canine companions to human and horse:

Hear Tigger explain the benefits of a rotation diet for dogs.

Learn about how a canine rotation diet may be the nutritional answer you’re looking for, and be sure to stay tuned on the fourth Thursday of every month when the Kim Baker Radio Show segment will highlight a new range of topics to a constantly growing audience. KBRS looks into the healing power horses have on  us, the spiritual connection they share with humans and other animals, and the natural/organic/holistic approaches that can improve quality of life for us all. It’s a great time every month, and we’d love to have you join us.

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