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On April 30th, our team at BioStar US rallied together to support Tigger Montague as she walked horse owners through “Stress in Horses” via their first online webinar. The webinar covered The Cortisol Connection, Where Stress Starts, Recognizing the Signs, Managing Stress, and was followed up by a Question and Answer session. The turnout was wonderful, with a very active audience that helped to facilitate discussions and follow up on each of the topics presented.

Some of the “Stress in Horses” topics which were covered in this webinar have additional follow-up articles for horse owners to read at their leisure:

  • Coming to Terms – an article going over the finer points of labeling and what to be aware of in horse feed. Also gives a greater explanation to the term “genetically modified” or GMO.

  • Dried Distillers Grain – a component in many horse feeds and why you should be aware of what’s contained in this feed filler.
  • True Balance EQ– multi-dimensional formula including Holy Basil and a blend of mushrooms, recommended for metabolic imbalances as well as more general stress in horses.
  • Equilibrium EQ – Biostar EQ’s formula containing Ashwaganda which helps the body balance stress levels by maintaining normal levels of cortisol.
  • Emerald Valley Natural Health / British Horse Feeds – carriers of Speedi Beet (GMO free beet bulb) and Fibre Beet (GMO free Beet pulp with alfalfa)
  • Country Side Organics – organic alfalfa pellets along with other various organic feeds.
  • Ontario Dehydrated – organic alfalfa and timothy cubes
  • Tract Bios – is an active probiotic yeast for horses that provides 100 billion CFUs per teaspoon – a cup of yogurt supplies only 5 million CFUs!
  • Bio Flora EQ – combines prebiotics and probiotics to support colonization of beneficial bacteria in the gut while maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Tum Ease EQ – helping to combat GI tract stress in horses, and including whole food ingredients like cabbage.
  • Colostrum – helping to combat allergies and general stress in horses.
  • Other Immune Supporting Foods to Consider – Reishi mushrooms, which can be found in Biostar’s True BalanceCoconut meal and coconut oil which contains lauric acid that converts to monolaurin in the body. Monolaurin is also component of Colostrum, helping to support the immune system and brings the body to homeostasis.
  • Genesis Feeds – organic complete feed.
  • Nibble Nets – extremely helpful especially during night checks when horses’ cortisol levels go into “survival mode” and increase blood sugar levels and store more fat. The solution for horses is not less hay, but to feed hay more frequently in smaller amounts.
  • Beer for Horses – great for anhidrosis (non-sweaters) or for horses in warmer humid climates. Good revitalizer and recovery formula.
  • Almonds for Horses – one of the best treats for horses, loaded with vitamin E, copper and zinc.
  • Rebound EQ – provides bioavailable whole food that supplies the body with what it needs to recover and bounce back more quickly from training, shipping, and competition stress in horses.

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