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Webinar: Understanding Horse Feed Ingredients


Tigger Montague and BioStar US brought an informative and educational webinar on horse feed ingredients to equestrians on the evening of June 25th, 2013. The topic covered that evening was: Understanding Ingredients in Supplements and Feed – A Path to Better Health and Performance.

While reading labels may seem second nature to us when we’re considering our own health and diets, the same is not always true when it comes to our animals. Due to different regulations, Tigger thought it very important to discuss the following topics in her webinar: reading labels, deciphering and understanding horse feed ingredients, what are the various ingredients, where do those ingredients come from and a focus on supplement labeling.

Over the course of the evening many topics and conversational pieces were brought to light that really begged more to be asked of our feed and supplement manufacturers. Biostar’s mission was simply to help put the information out there so that educated opinions could be formed and changes, where warranted could be made to put our horses into better overall health.

During the webinar there were many resources referenced and further information requested. Due to the lack of clarity in the end video, we have compiled many of the slides below in order to showcase their information more clearly.

  • AAFCO: The Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • AAFCO Ingredient Rules:

“Natural” vs. “Organic” in Horse Feed Ingredients:

Human Food vs. Animal Feed Labeling: 

Common Horse Feed Ingredients:

  • Oil Extraction Process: If you use oil, it’s best to ask how your oil is extracted as many processes can have residue such as hexane (see Wikipedia).
  • Other Common Horse Feed Ingredients:

  • Concerns over what Sodium Benzoate and Ascorbic Acid do together in a product.
  • IPCS: has compiled quite a few studies on BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole).
    • Note that the US uses these compounds in almost all processed foods.
  • EDDI (Ethylenediamine dihydroiodide) used as a chemical substitute for iodine in mineral supplements.
  • Natural Vitamins vs. Whole Food Vitamins: Another great resource for the origins of vitamins.

  • Hexane: Residual amounts found in common oils in their extraction process, the full study done in Switzerland.
  • Minerals and Chelation:

Common Minerals in Supplements and Horse Feed Ingredients:

Food Sources for Minerals:

 Notes on Enzymes:

Notes on Amino Acids:

 Notes on Probiotics:

  • Probiotics in Horses: As researched by the University of Toronto-Guelph
  • Origins of Common Joint Supplement Ingredients:

Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to adding more topics relating to nutrition and our horses soon. Any questions, please email:

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