When is Natural Really Natural?

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A recent study (April 2014) conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center showed that 59% of consumers check to see if the product they are buying is labeled natural.  A high majority of consumers believe natural means the item was made from ingredients grown without pesticides (86%), doesn’t include artificial ingredients (87%) and doesn’t contain GMOs (85%).

If natural really meant these things, it would be a very effective label. However, the FDA has not developed a definition for the use of the term natural or all natural and as a result there are no standards for the use of those terms on a label. In essence, natural on a label is meaningless and often times companies that use the words natural or all natural are anything BUT natural in the context we consumers expect natural to be.

Honestly, when I see natural or all natural on a label or website, it is a turn off!  That’s why you will never see natural used or implied on any BioStar product. We see things very linear when it comes to food and health: Organic, GMO free – period. No artificial ingredients, no petrochemicals, no coal tar derivatives, no preservatives, no flavorings. Just real food, as all natural as it gets.


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