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Success Story: Bolero

Success Story: Bolero

BioStar US

“I switched to Biostar due to my horse being diagnosed with Laminitis in May, 2016. He has always been a very spicy and hot Lusitano.
Bolero Success Story with BioStar US
Ever since I switched to whole food, his temperament went from testy and wild, to sweet and social, his fat pockets have disappeared, and now he is lean, muscular, and fit. His coat went from a plain buckskin color, to a golden, dappled, shiny coat; and his work ethic and willingness
has improved tremendously.
Bolero Success with BioStar US supplements before and after
Biostar products have done a complete 180 for my horse’s physical and mental well-being. Thank you Biostar for your tremendous products — whole foods rock!”
-Alya Siddique


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