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Success Story: DFF Gromit and Circuvate EQ

Success Story: DFF Gromit and Circuvate EQ

BioStar US

by Jen Fritz

When my upper level event horse was diagnosed with arthritis in his knees, I knew exactly who to call…. Tigger!!!

When Circuvate was in its testing stage, and after giving Tigger all the details, my horse was declared a good candidate for testing. After two weeks of being on Circuvate he had dramatically improved.

After 1 month on the product, my vet said he looked so good that I could start riding him again and see how it goes.

It has been four months now, and my horse has never moved better!!!

We are jumping again and preparing to start our season in 3 weeks. This product gave me my best friend back, and I am so grateful to Tigger & all the great BioStar products.

 DFF Gromit and Jen Fritz for BioStar US Circuvate EQ


Circuvate EQ Jar: Advanced Circulatory Support for Horses, from BioStar USCircuvate EQ  provides support for the circulatory system by providing ingredients that assist nitric oxide production, the master circulatory molecule in the body.

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