Success Story: Harry Loses Weight

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While I didn’t name him myself, my dog Harry was aptly named because of his old man soul, and well… all his hair. Harry also has a couple nicknames given to him by friends and acquaintances: Ottoman and Manatee. They aren’t nice nicknames, but he did sport an innertube type body shape for some time.

This past November, he had a tumor removed from his leg. When those “slap you in the face” life moments happen, you respond. It was time to take Harry’s weight seriously. We put an end to treats unless they were healthy, like carrots or apples, and really paid attention to his diet and serving size.

Harry gets a combination of raw foods and raw coated kibble along with his multivitamin, Optimum K9 Senior. I also added Juvenate K9 containing Crominex® 3+ to regulate fat and sugar metabolism, helping him lose weight, as well as Buckaroo’s Cooling Stew to help keep him cool.

When we went back to the vet in April for his checkup, he had lost 4 pounds! That is 10% of his body weight! The vet was really pleased with his body condition and health. While it is difficult to see the weight change because of all his hair, we know he is feeling great because of his good energy and playfulness.

Harry Henry


Thank you BioStar!
~ Lindsey

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