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Success Story: Hillary Jean and the Thera Calm EQ Difference

Success Story: Hillary Jean and the Thera Calm EQ Difference

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Veteran rider and Colorado resident Hillary Jean writes with news on how BioStar’s Thera Calm EQ™ helped her horse settle into a new role at shows.

“Last year I bought a stallion who was a jumper.  I have been transitioning him to the hunter ring.  At times, he reverts back into jumper mode when we go to horse shows.  It’s just his nerves kicking in,  but as a result he gets tense, a bit strong, and quick.  Other times he’s lovely.  I decided to try him on Thera Calm.  I started giving it one week before the show and continued through the show.  Not only was he much more quiet and relaxed, but his back really loosened up, making his stride more open.  It was wonderful!  Thera Calm has helped him become the perfect hunter — so calm, relaxed and happy. He has been scoring in the mid-80s consistently after just a few times in the hunter ring, thanks to Thera Calm!  I will never show without it!”

Hillary Jean
Castle Rock, CO

Thera Calm EQThera Calm EQ™ helps protect horses under stress. Scientific research has shown that the brain and the gut are intimately connected. The brain has a direct effect on the stomach during stress, sending signals that danger is imminent. In response, the stomach reduces blood flow to the GI tract. Conversely, a troubled GI tract sends signals to the brain which result in anxiety or behavioral issues.

We know that chronic stress can increase the stress hormone cortisol, which causes the brain-gut axis to trigger low-grade inflammation, which then results in decreased nutrient absorption and disruption in the immune system. Excess cortisol can increase blood sugar levels, decrease protein synthesis, and reduce prostaglandin production. Prostaglandins in the GI tract are very important as they protect the mucosa from the acids of the stomach.

Thera Calm EQ™ is designed to support a healthy GI tract and help horses focus and relax. This formula provides Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, and Casein to help normalize cortisol levels brought on by stress.

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