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Success Story: Scout and the Whole Food Diet

Success Story: Scout and the Whole Food Diet

BioStar US

By Andrea LeRoy

After several years in the making, I was finally bringing my new dream horse home from over seas. Within a few days of arriving, my sweet boy was being rushed to the veterinary surgical clinic for colic surgery.

His surgery went well without any hiccups, but we had a long road of recovery ahead of us. At first, Scout seemed to be recovering well, but within a few months he had several more bouts of colic. He was diagnosed with colitis and needed to somehow rest his hind gut while still getting adequate wholesome nutrition.

The diet suggestions that were originally given to me were all using synthetic products. I knew it wasn’t a good long term solution, but also didn’t know what the “right” solution was. I knew somehow there had to be a better way to get Scout healthy again.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to Tigger, who literally has been a life savor for my boy!! She helped me lay out a nutrition plan using WHOLE FOOD supplements.  In the beginning we were taking teeny, tiny, baby steps, sometimes coordinating every few days. Tigger has always been extremely generous  sharing her knowledge and has always had Scout’s best interest at heart. Without Tigger, Scout would not be where he is today.

He is now clear of his colitis, getting regular turnout, and back to work.  I am thankful for BioStar’s amazing products and for always putting the horse first!!


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