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Rebound EQ

Rebound EQ

Equine Stress Recovery Supplement

Rebound EQ™ nutritionally supports recovery from the stress of daily work, competitions, shipping, and lay-up.
Rebound EQ™ features:

  • Bio-4Tein™: our unique proprietary blend high in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for muscle building and muscle maintenance. Bio-4Tein™ supplies Un-denatured Whey Protein, Organic Hemp Protein, Dehydrated Whole Eggs, and Organic Yellow Lentils.
  • Colostrum-38 includes growth factors for cellular support in muscles and tissues.
  • Bio Flora™is a proprietary blend of viable, live probiotics with prebiotics. It provides four active strains of microorganisms for the GI tract - especially important for horses under stress.
  • Smectite Clay helps draw out and bind toxins at a greater rate than any other clay.
  • Hawthorne Berry Powder is an antioxidant which can help with discomfort, and has been used for centuries to help support circulation.
  • Alaria is a sea vegetable rich in the minerals calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus sulfur, and zinc as well as the vitamins A, B12, E, and K. It is an excellent source of fiber and protein.

  • Rebound EQ™ can be given as needed, or as a daily supplement for horses under high physical stress. Can also be used as a supplement for horses on lay up.

    Learn more about Rebound on our blog.

    Available in 30 Servings per jar. Scoop Included.

    $ 69.00

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    Directions for Use
    (Scoop included = 40g):
    One scoop once daily.

    No Preservatives, Fillers, Binders, or added Flavorings (artificial or "natural")

    Active Ingredients (per 40g):
    Bio-4Tien™...........................................11,980 mg
         [a proprietary blend of Undenatured Whey Protein, Organic Hemp Protein, Dehydrated Whole Eggs, Organic Yellow Lentils]
    Organic Pomegranate Powder..........1,290 mg
    rGBH-free Bovine Colostrum .............910mg
    SeleniumYeast.........................................37.4 mcg
    BioFlora™ .............................100 Billion CFU’s
         [a proprietary blend of L. acidophilus, L. lactis, B. longum, L. casei, E. faecium, Inulin, Manno Oligosaccharides]

    Inactive Ingredients:
    Smectite Clay, Hawthorne Berry Powder, Organic Alaria esculenta.

    Provides 100 Billion CFU's per 40g: a source of live viable naturally occurring microorganisms.


    Countries of Origin:
    Organic Yellow Lentils - China, Organic Hemp Meal - Canada, Whole Egg Powder - USA, Undenatured Whey Protein - Canada, Selenium Yeast - Canada, Organic Pomegranate Powder - USA, rGBH-free Bovine Colostrum - Canada, Bioflora (TM) [a proprietary blend of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus casei, Enterococcus faecium, inulin, MOS] - ALL from Canada, Smectite Clay - USA, Hawthorne Berry Powder - Chile, Alaria esculenta - USA/Canada.

    Truth in Labeling:
    Bovine colostrum is sourced from rBGH-free cows.

    Provides 100 Billion CFU's per 40g serving: a source of live viable naturally occurring microorganisms.

    Nutritional Analysis
    Per 40 g
    Calories3.2 kcal/g
    Crude Protein (min) 16.4%
    Crude Fat (min) 4.41%
    Crude Fiber (max) 14.4%
    Moisture (max) 5.27%
    Ash (max) 56.2%

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