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Soaps & Poultices

Soaps and Poultices by BioStar US


What you put on your horse or dog, or yourself, is as important as what you put inside. Skin is the body's largest organ, and these cleaning products and poultices will help keep your critters safe and healthy.

Naturally aggressive, fiercely kind: Warhorse Solutions makes soaps and cleaners that you can feel good about.  WarHorse creates intelligent, hard-working, concentrated cleaning products made from simple, recognizable and high-performing ingredients. The process and verified ingredients are what make WarHorse’s versatile and multi-use products more effective than the rest. So you can get the job done and keep moving!

Artisan Poultices
 are inspired by and made in the ancient traditions, completely by hand, with the best, organic materials, extracts, clays, and plants, and without metallic implements.