BioStar's Covid-19 Response

We're here for you! We all know by now that safety is of the utmost importance during this Coronavirus pandemic. Everything is changing in order to make sure people are as safe as possible.  BioStar is no exception.  

  • Rest assured that we are following recommended CDC protocols and have increased our cleaning and disinfecting measures above our already strict protocols for following FDA guidelines.  This includes everything from frequently washing hands to wiping down equipment in production, computers, phones, and anything we touch. We are packing and shipping your products in the most sanitary ways possible.  We wear masks, and our staff remains 6 feet away from each other at all times.

  • So far, our staff has been lucky to have avoided the virus.  However, to prepare for the possibility of someone getting sick, we have begun a rotating schedule. This new schedule protects our staff, and safeguards our company. If anyone gets sick, we will still have backup staff.  Unfortunately this means that our office, production, and customer service departments have fewer people than normal, so the normal speed at which we answer calls, emails, and ship our items may be temporarily slower.  

  • Our policy regarding Covid-19 illness requires anyone not feeling well to stay home.  Barring a green light from a doctor, we require them to stay home for 14 days.

  • In addition to possible delays due to staff rotation, delivery delays of orders from FedEx or USPS are beyond our control.  This also includes raw materials which may or may not arrive when expected.  We thank you for your understanding during this unique time. 

  • We encourage everyone to remember that we are all in this together, we are strong, resilient, and creative.  Eventually we will get through this and come out the other side stronger than ever. Look for the silver linings in your personal experiences to help you get through the difficult times.  Your horses and dogs are silver linings all by themselves!

We're here for you so you can be there for your animals!

If you have any questions or need supplement advice, call us or send us an email.  You may also like to schedule a free consultation so we can thoroughly assess your animal's needs.

~ Your Friends at BioStar