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BioStar Gift Tote Bag for Dogs with Liver Treats and Pet Shampoo

Totes: BioStar Gift Bags

Your gift shopping is in the bag!  Give our very own BioStar tote, made of high quality thick organic cotton and featuring our artistic illustration of Buckaroo and Lionheart.

These totes are a limited edition - get them while you can!

Choose an equine collection, a canine collection, or a mixture of both!

Doggy Bag - $35.00
200 Dog Star Liver Treats Jar, Warhorse Pet Shampoo, and the Tote bag
Horse Tote - $39.99
120 BioStar Bites Bag, Whole Food for Horses Book, and the Tote bag
Combo Gift - $47.99
100 Dog Star Liver Treats Bag, 120 Biostar Bites Bag, Whole Food for Horses Book, and the Tote bag
*Tote Bags are all sold out!  Sorry if you missed it!  Check out our new items coming in the fall just in time for the holidays!*

$ 35.00

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Tote Bags: Organic cotton, heavy weight bags. Measures approximately 13"w x 14"h x 4"d (10" strap drop)

Whole Food for Horses Book: Penned by Tigger Montague, our founder and formulator, based on her many years of research in nutrition, this is a must-have guide for feeding a whole food diet to your horse.

BioStar Bites: 120 whole food treats that are delicious and nutritious for your horse! Reward often!

Dog Star Liver Treats: 100 (combo bag) or 200 (doggy bag) Healthy, raw whole food treats for dogs with real liver!

Warhorse Pet Shampoo: 12 oz. Get dirty, get clean, keep moving!

Custom Gift Bag ideas:

For the Show: Equilibrium EQ, Locomotion EQ, Horse Hydrator, Warhorse Equine Shampoo, Warhorse Leather cleaner,
Senior Horse: Optimum EQ Senior, Thermal EQ
Ulcer-Prone Horse: Thera Calm EQ, Tum-Ease EQ, BioFlora EQ
Easy Keeper: Tri-Dosha EQ, Chia Seeds
Senior Dog: Optimum K9 Senior, Dog Star Liver Treats, Terra Biota K9, Thera Calm K9
New Puppy: Buckaroo's Warming Stew (warming), Liver treats, Optimum cubes, Pet Shampoo
For the human: Warhorse body soap, Warhorse hand soap, Warhorse Pure Gold Cleaner
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