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Seeds for Kindness

Seeds for Kindness

Take a look at our new initiative to make the world a better place.  As a branch of BioStar, Seeds for Kindness is taking action to help the earth and its creatures a little bit more.  Every purchase goes to support small businesses, fair trade, artists, animals, and environmental organizations. All proceeds go to American Forests


Sweater Birds at Seeds for KindnessCan Reindeer by Seeds for KindnessFirehose Post Bag by Seeds for KindnessHemp Dog Collars by Seeds for KindnessClocks Made from Stuff by Seeds for Kindness



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Our mission is to spread kindness to the world through products made with love, environmental sustainability, and to support organizations that promote the conservation of our wildlife, wild places, resources, clean air and water, and reduce pollution. Every purchase you make sows another seed of kindness, spreads the word, and makes kindness a powerful force for good.


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