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Whole Food Supplements, Bars, Treats & Poultices for Dogs & Horses

BioStar empowers horse and canine owners with 100% whole food nutrition, supplements & feed programs. For today's best equine and canine nutrition and supplements, look no further than BioStar US. We are the leading online source for whole food supplements for horses and dogs. We provide raw, dehydrated whole food supplements using organic and GMO-free ingredients. Our production facility has been certified by the Non-GMO Project, and we are currently in the product certification process so our customers can feel confident that our supplements for horses and dogs have been verified GMO-free. We are authentic nutrition.

At BioStar US we take animal health seriously and know that commercial, processed foods can sometimes do more harm than good. We also know that synthetic nutrients, petroleum and coal tar sourced ingredients are not the best sources for real nutrition and health, and that "natural" is not always good enough. Our product line includes a wide range of whole food horse and dog supplements, treats and unique artisan poultices that embrace the ancient and traditional uses of clay and plants. Our website provides a wide range of articles and information on whole food and canine and equine nutrition, so you can make the best decisions about the care and health of your horses and dogs.

Call us toll free at 1-800-686-9544 or email us at getfood@biostarus.com, and our team of canine and equine nutrition specialists will help you choose the right products for your animals.

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