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BioStar's Story

Lionheart and Kemosabe BioStar

BioStar was born in Tigger Montague’s kitchen in Charlottesville, Virginia; the result of trying to help her horse overcome crippling inflammation of the bursa that had not responded to any sort of treatment options or therapies.

On the advice of her veterinarian, Dr. Tim Ober, the last resort was to have a surgeon perform a neurectomy. From a horse competing at the highest level of the sport, to this prognosis, it was a huge blow to have nowhere else to turn. Tigger decided that perhaps some whole food would be supportive before more drastic and permanent options were undergone. 

What happened next was a complete and utter surprise to both Tigger and Dr. Ober. The horse improved and came sound by feeding a combination of sprouted foods and whole foods. No longer was a permanent surgery or lifetime of pharmaceuticals on the table. This formula was where BioStar got its start and was later dubbed Furnace EQ for its ability to stimulate nitric oxide production in the body and reduce inflammation. From that moment on, a wide variety of formulas for horses began to get underway and BioStar as a company was born.

From the humble beginnings in Tigger’s kitchen, to the release of a full canine line of supplements and treats in 2013, the company retains the principles and values it was founded on as it expands to wholesale and topical treatments. These include

     • Organic ingredients
     • GMO-free ingredients (no genetically modified organisms)
     • Coal tar free ingredients
     • Petro-chemical free
     • Wheat-free
     • High nutrient availability from dehydration and freeze drying processes (no cooking or high heat processing)
     • Products tested for efficacy and palatability before being released to market
     • Emphasis on providing a customer service experience that places the customers’ needs first.

Today, BioStar is headquartered in Gordonsville, Virginia, certified with the Non-GMO Project, and boasting a production team and customer support staff that is second to none. BioStar focuses on choosing employees as carefully as we choose our ingredients!

American Sustainable Business CouncilJust as BioStar’s focus on ingredients in our formulas is of utmost importance, so is our dedication to give back by supporting larger sustainability efforts. Each quarter, a charity is chosen and a percentage of their product sales goes directly to them. Charities range from horse and dog rescues, to environmental organizations to sustainable agriculture organizations. Each are given the spotlight in newsletters, highlights on the website and features in social media posts along with their donation. From there, BioStar builds on these ideals of philanthropy to join forces with the American Sustainable Business Council. This organization promotes sustainable and vibrant economics, as well as working towards better environmental policies in the government and in the media.

BioStar stands up for its values and doesn’t shy away from tough issues. We have taken a stance on GMO labeling, saving the pollinators, bio-diversity, no-till farming, the reduction of chemical fertilizers, pesticide and herbicide reduction, the importance of the soil micro-biome, and reducing the carbon footprint. BioStar believes in being the change we'd like to see in the world.

Social Mission: To operate in a way that actively recognizes and initiates innovative ways to improve the quality of life for horses and dogs.

Product Mission: To make, distribute, and sell the finest quality supplements for horses and dogs made from whole food and plants that are grown and harvested using bio-dynamic farming techniques, organic farming techniques, and sustainable farming techniques that respect the earth and the environment.

Economic Mission: To operate on a sustainable financial basis for growth. This includes ongoing research and development, expansion of opportunities in the markets, financial rewards for employees and additional support to charities and philanthropic opportunities.

A Different Kind of Company: From top to bottom, BioStar is very different from other supplement companies. Not only because we use real whole food, but also because we know fundamentally that whole food and health are strongly connected. We won’t sacrifice raw material quality to save money; we won’t sacrifice our employees in order to gain more profit. We know without a doubt our product formulas are unique to us, not a replica, copy or generic alternative to what another company has created. We search out specific ingredients from small suppliers which ensures higher quality control, and a closer relationship of farm to table. Customer satisfaction isn’t something we simply say, it is part of our company culture. It is why you can reach us seven days a week, and on holidays. It is why we ship within twenty-four hours of ordering, and many times can ship same day. We take pride in what we do, from the inside of our company to the products your horse and dog benefit from.

We Respect All