BioStar's Crew is a fun-loving, hard-working, animal-loving bunch! We work hard to ensure your supplements are the freshest, best whole-food nutrition there is, and we make sure your experience as our valued customer is above and beyond expectation. 


Tigger Montague: Founder & Formulator 

Rick Moore: General Manager and Purchasing

Becca Pizmoht: Customer Service co-manager, Wholesale, Sponsored Riders

Lauren Via: Customer Service co-manager, office management
Lisa Frye, Nina Estes, Shela SmolkoCustomer Service

Lizzy Meyer: Canine Product Specialist

Jamie Mehnert: Production Manager 

JP, Amya, Jessica: Production Team 

Larry Goins, Matthew Goins: Accounting 

Leslie Allyn: Art & Design, Graphics, Media & IT  


Lionheart, the horse who started it all, RIP

Dogs: Buckaroo, Crockett, Wookie, Keen, Kenobi 

In Memorial: Lazarus and Grace (Plott Hounds), Maggie, Thunderbear, Kemosabe