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Who We Are

BioStar US | Who We Are

BioStar's Crew is a fun-loving, hard-working, animal-loving bunch!  We work hard to ensure your supplements are the freshest, best, whole food nutrition there is, and we make sure your experience as our valued customer is above and beyond expectation.

Tigger Montague: Founder & Formulator
Rick Moore: Manager of Purchasing & Customer Service
Lynn Windsor: Manager of Customer Service & Shipping
Jamie, Elva, JP, Jolene: Production Team
Judy Lam: Accounting
Leslie Allyn: Art, Design, Media & IT
Lindsey Henry: Customer Service
Emily Halaszynksi: Brand Ambassador

Kemosabe, Thunderbear, Buckaroo, Crockett, Wookie: The Aussie Tribe
Remy, Sonny, Harry, Tilly, Yoda
In Memorial: Lazarus and Grace: Plott Hounds

THE HORSE: Lionheart