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Treats, Books, & Gifts

Treats, Books, Gifts


It’s not very often that you’ll find whole food, GMO-free pet treats that taste delicious and fortify health all at the same time. At BioStar, we make it easy with our organic horse treats and healthy treats for dogs. Our horse and dog treats, made in the USA, include nutritional and petrochemical-free ingredients that you won’t find in typical commercial-grade treats. Improve horse performance with healthy horse treats, and reward your dog during tricks and training with healthy snacks for dogs from BioStar.
Plus, company founder and formulator Tigger Montague has written two books on whole food diets for the equines and canines in your life. Both volumes are packed with fascinating background on nutrition, expert feeding advice for an array of body types and health conditions, and a variety of tried-and-true recipes for homemade whole-food meals. Perfect for gifts — or for your own bookshelf.
Gift ideas for the horse enthusiast, dog lover, and nutrition junkie in your life, exclusively from BioStar US.