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The World According to Kemosabe - by Tigger Montague of BioStar US

The World According to Kemosabe

by Tigger Montague

In the voice of her eldest male Australian Shepherd, Tigger Montague tackles the many aspects of canine nutrition as well as the wonderful and sometimes complex relationships that dogs share with humans, with cats, and with other farm animals.

     The World According to Kemosabe is written from Kemosabe’s unique position in the pack: Storyteller of the Aussie Tribe. In addition to his farm life observations and colorful tales of canine camaraderie past and present, the book offers easy-to-follow nutrition fundamentals for dogs, including raw food, home-cooked food, supplements, recipes, resources, and expert advice on how to feed for a spectrum of specific health challenges ranging from allergies to cancers. 

The World According to Kemosabe is available through us, as well as Amazon (book and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (book and Nook), and Kobo eBooks!

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• Paperback
• 5.5" x 8.5" (x .75" thick)
• 336 pages

©2017 Tigger Montague


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