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Frequently Asked Questions

We attempt to answer any questions you may have when you call or email us.  To save your time, we have listed some general questions we are asked frequently here:

What Payments does BioStar accept?
BioStar accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, and Apple Pay.

How does shipping work? 
Our shipping is calculated directly through USPS and FedEx.  When we get a discount, you do too!  For more on shipping and map, see our Shipping and Delivery page.

Is the quality of ingredients monitored?
We would have it no other way.  Please read our article on ingredients for more info.

How long do the products remain fresh?  
Our products are freeze-dried or dehydrated and are generally considered fresh within 6 months of their creation.  You will find an expiration date on each package. To maximize freshness, keep BioStar products stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and keep bags and jars closed when not in use.

If the expiration date has passed, do I need to throw away the product?
That's up to you.  While the product may no longer be as potent as it once was, it will not hurt to continue to use it.  Similar to spices in a spice rack, the effectiveness simply wanes, but is not considered dangerous to use.

Can humans use these supplements?
Our ingredients are always human grade, so technically humans could ingest our supplements. Keep in mind that the formulas are created for the distinct palettes of dogs and horses, and may not taste very good.  We make no claims to the effectiveness for humans.

What if I my dog or horse won't eat it?
We guarantee palatability for your horse or dog.  If your animal does not like the taste, simply return the unused portion for a full refund.  See our refunds policy for more information.

Can I find these products in stores?
We have our products in a few select stores across the USA and in Canada, as well as vets and barns with which we have agreements. See our page with a map. We love to develop direct relationships with our customers, so let us know if you're happy with our stores.  

How is BioStar's Bovine Colostrum collected?
The cows are grass-fed, pasture-raised, and not treated with rBGH hormone.  The colostrum is collected after the first 12 hours of birth and within a 36 hour time frame, when the Colostrum is at its peak.  Calves alone receive it during the first 12 hours, then it is shared. Because of the pasteurization process and the subsequent special centrifuge, the IgG can be increased without having to collect too much colostrum (as in volume).  Calves are not separated from their mothers, because the quality and quantity of the milk increases when a cow is allowed to raise her calf.  

Are the BioStar bags recyclable?  
YES!  Our bags are recyclable as #7 plastics.  While not biodegradable (we need them to stand up to light and heat to be suitable for the supplements), if recycling is not available in your region, rest assured that the way these bags are made,  they are considered "landfill friendly" because they collapse flat and do not impact landfills in any significant way. 

How do I choose between similar-sounding supplements?
See our blog post about choosing supplements here.  We also have a printable PDF for you to download here.  Call us if you have more questions!

Can I see more Buckaroo drawings?
But of course!  You can see Buckaroo and other BioStar friends in our Gallery