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BioStar Bites EQ

BioStar Bites EQ

Whole Food Horse Treats

BioStar Bites™ are delicious treats made of whole foods. Each treat, sized similarly to a sugar cube, provides coconut meal for muscles and organs, barley and wheat grass for oxygen utilization, antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, and omega fatty acids. A real treat for your horses you can feel good about.

BioStar Bites are dehydrated (never baked or cooked) 
to maintain critical food enzymes.

Bulk: You'll receive an entire batch (approximately 1080 bites) typically shipped in three bulk bags. Great for keeping on hand or to give as gifts. 

Single: One-third of a batch (approximately 360 bites).

$ 93.00

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Directions for Use:
Feed as a treat and reward often!

Bulk: One entire batch = Approximately 1080 Bites, typically packaged in three bulk bags.
Single: One-third batch = Approximately 360 Bites.

Coconut Meal, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Barley Grass Powder, Organic Wheat Grass Powder, Organic Flax Seeds, Whole Almond Powder, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Bananas, Pears, Organic Coconut Oil.

No Preservatives, Fillers, Binders, or added Flavorings.

Non-GMO Project Verified

Made in the USA

BioStar Bites Provide:
• Barley and Wheat Grass help increase oxygen utilization in the blood.
• Antioxidants assist in mopping up cellular byproducts and neutralizing free radicals. Includes Tocopherols, SOD (super oxide dismutase),
Lutanarin, Quercitin, Lutein, Catechins and other flavonoids.
• Vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Beta Carotene, and B Vitamins.
• Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese, Sodium, Chloride, Iron, Copper, Sulphur, Zinc, and Cobalt.
• Fatty Acids: Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s and medium chain fatty acids.
• Essential and non-essential amino acids including: Arginine, Lysine, Proline, Glutamic acid, and BCAAs (branched chain amino acids).
• Specific immune phytonutrients including Lauric Acid and Beta-glucan.


Countries of Origin:
Coconut Meal- Indonesia, Oat Bran- Canada, Barley Grass- USA, Wheat Grass- USA, Flax Seeds- USA, Almonds- USA, Sunflower Seeds- USA, Bananas- Costa Rica, Pears- USA, Coconut Oil- Philippines/ Sri Lanka

Nutritional Analysis
Per 100 grams (or 25 Bites)
Crude Protein (min) 16.75%
Crude Fat (min) 27.9%
Crude Fiber (max) 8.18%
Moisture (max) 4.02%
Calcium (min) 0.115%
Calcium (max) 0.200%
Phosphorus (min) 0.471%
Copper (min) 0.0014%
Selenium (min) 0.000035%
Zinc (min) 0.00409%

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