Whole Food for Horses by Tigger Montague
Whole Food for Horses by Tigger Montague

Whole Food For Horses

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by Tigger Montague

Written by our own Tigger Montague, based on her many years of extensive research and implementation, this book is a must-have for every horse owner!

Whole Food for Horses is a simple, straight-forward guide to nutrition fundamentals and common feed ingredients, along with expert advice on how to feed for performance, recovery, GI tract stress, immune challenges, metabolic imbalances, and overall well-being. What began as one woman’s journey to find out what really goes into commercial horse feed became Whole Food for Horses: an inspiring testament to how feeding real, whole food can improve your horse’s life and performance; and how the choices we make affect the Earth and all its inhabitants, now and for future generations. 

• Paperback
• 5.5" x 8.5"
• 174 pages

©2016 Tigger Montague

Whole Food for Horses is available through us, as well as Amazon (book and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (book and Nook), Apple iTunes (iBook), and Kobo eBooks!

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