BioStar has exceptionally high standards for every ingredient and method of production. We use only the best, most nutritious, whole, organic ingredients for our supplement formulas.

1. We purchase raw materials that have verification: USDA Certified Organic, EU Certified Organic or Certified Non GMO, Canada Organic, and Non-GMO Project Certified.

2. Ingredients that we will not accept at all, even if they are organic or GMO free are: soy, wheat, corn, canola, sugarcane or ingredients made from these foods like lecithin, dried distillers grains, vegetable oil, vitamin E, Vitamin C, emulsifiers, natural flavors, malto-dextrin, sucrose, and dextrose.

3. We take Country of Origin very seriously, and provide that information for every ingredient on our website.

4. We assess the laboratory analysis of protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrate, and nutrient composition of raw ingredients and will not purchase that ingredient if the analysis is not up to our standards.

5. Moisture levels are indicative of potential mold, so analysis of moisture levels is extremely important. We will reject any ingredients shipped to us with poor moisture content.

6. Our very experienced production supervisor always performs a taste, smell, and feel test of each ingredient when it arrives. Batch samples of each shipment of raw material are frozen for one year to maintain traceability. We have rejected food based on our production supervisor’s very keen nose and sense of taste.

7. We do an incredible amount of research on every ingredient: how it is grown, methods of harvest, how it is produced: freeze dried, drum dried, dehydrated, sun-dried, kiln-dried, pasteurized, extracted. We will not use any oil extractions that are processed with solvents; nor will we use drum-dried ingredients because they are dried with maltodextrin. For example, companies may use organic drum dried carrot powder, and don’t have to reveal that the powder contains maltodextrin. With current labeling laws they can just say Organic Carrot Powder. Because the amount of maltodextrin is at 5%, it can still be labeled as organic.

8. Because our products are verified and certified by the Non-GMO Project, we have “farm to table” traceability. We also undergo a rigorous facility and production inspection every year that is required by the Non GMO Project.

9. We use plant sources, as opposed to ingredients that are created chemically. 

• Biostar will not use commercial MSM in our formulas. Instead we use kale, a potent plant source for sulfur. 

• Because we use real whole foods that the body uses to make its own glucosamine sulfate, stabilizers are not needed in our joint supplements.

• Many of our supplements require lower doses than other commercial supplements, due to the fact that they are made of whole food, which means the bioavailability is much greater, so less quantity is needed.

To read more on our Formulator's assessment of ingredients, visit our BLOG.

How BioStar Supplements are Made: