Thera Calm K9
Thera Calm K9Thera Calm K9Thera Calm K9
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Canine Stress Formula

Thera Calm K9™ is a unique complex to promote calmness for dogs that become upset or anxious during times of stress. Made into handy cubes, your dog will think he's getting a treat.

A blend of milk casein, herbs, brewer’s yeast, organic pumpkin, organic coconut oil, organic flax seeds, and desiccated liver makes this a nourishing and tasty supplement.

Can be used every day or as needed.

Available in 60 Cubes jars.

Directions for Use: 

Give daily, or as needed. Start with the lowest amount first. Higher amounts will promote sleep. Can be given multiple times per day during high stress.

• Dogs under 20 lbs: 1/2 - 1 cube
• 20-40 lbs: 1-2 cubes
• 40-60 lbs: 1-3 cubes
• 60 lbs and up: 1-6 cubes

Active Ingredients per cube (1.9 g)

Flax Seeds (Organic) .....................…. 717 mg
Pumpkin Seed Meal (Organic) ....... 443 mg
Casein Powder .................................… 323 mg
Chamomile (Organic) ….................... 204 mg
Ashwagandha ...................................... 174 mg
Yeast Flakes .......................................... 119 mg
Indian Gooseberry Powder .............. 70 mg
Holy Basil …............................................. 41 mg

Inactive Ingredients: 

Desiccated Beef Liver Powder, Organic Coconut Oil.

Countries of Origin

Pumpkin Meal - USA

Coconut Oil - Sri Lanka

Desiccated Beef Liver Powder - Argentina

Flax Seed - USA

Casein Powder - Canada

Ashwagandha - India

Chamomile - Egypt

Yeast Flakes - Germany

Gooseberry Powder - India

Holy Basil - India.

Product Analysis

Per 1 cube (1.9 g)

Crude Protein (min)      

Crude Fat (min)

Crude Fiber (max)








  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw


in Gordonsville, VA

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Shanin Q.
United States United States

Love this stuff!!

I have a dog that is petrified of thunderstorms, gunshots, fireworks, etc. Because I live on a farm, somewhat out "in the country", the gunshots, unfortunately, can be a fairly regular thing with folks target practicing, etc. I had heard of this product for a while but delayed buying it because I doubted it would work. After hearing from a couple of different people that I knew that they really liked it, I gave it a shot, and, boy am I glad I did! They definitely do work! Whenever we have a situation where my dog is stressed out, I just give him a couple of these (he is about 90lbs) and, within about 15 mins or so, he is able to calm down and relax a bit. It is not a 100% cure-all, but, it takes enough of the edge off that he's able to lay down and chill rather than pacing around panting like crazy, or, sitting there trembling in fear. I was so happy with the results that I bought two more just so I always had plenty in stock! It's so nice knowing that I can give him some relief with purely natural ingredients that have no negative side effects.

BioStarUS Thera Calm K9 Review
Betsy S.
United States United States

Love BioStar for my dogs

I have used BioStars with my last 2 dogs and fond them very effective in helping take the edge off in stressful situations. My last dog got very anxious with thunderstorms, fireworks & other loud noises. After a tree fell on our house during a bad wind and rain storm he would get anxious at the sound of big winds. BioStars were our go to and definitely allowed him to get through those occasions with much less stress. I now have a surrendered puppy mill mama who is still adapting to life in the “big world”. BioStars help her too when she’s facing something new. I’m so glad a friend of mine recommended your product, it’s been a huge help!

Michelle R.
United States United States

Thera Kalm K9

I normally don’t write reviews, however I am giving BioStar a 5 star customer service and quick delivery! We had 4 dogs visiting during the Christmas Holidays in our cat only home. Our country community in the neighborhood also has 7 dogs that challenge each other in a barking match, so I needed a palatable natural treat that would take the edge off of a Malamute Sheppard 85 lbs, Labrador Sheppard 65lbs, Australia Cattle dog 45lbs and Labrador Cattle dog 55lbs. Although their visit was less than a week, I could see a difference especially in the evening with the Malamute cross. Thank you BioStar, I will have this on hand for future visits.

Robin SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Works perfectly and all natural… highly recommend!

Sara K.
United States United States

Love it!!!

Love this product

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