Optimum EQ Bars
Optimum EQ BarsOptimum EQ BarsOptimum EQ BarsOptimum EQ BarsOptimum EQ Bars
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Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

This unique combination of spirulina (blue-green algae), sprouted seeds, vegetables, nuts, yeast, and fruits provide the body what it needs to support well-being and performance. Each food was carefully chosen for its unique nutritional profile, ensuring that a full spectrum of nutrients and minerals are available for your horse.

Available in: 

Bars: 120 bars (60 servings) or bulk-size 480 bars (240 servings)

Bars can be ground if preferred

Try OPTIMUM 2.0 for more bioavailable minerals!

As per the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA),
this product is not available for sale to residents of California.
For further information, call us 1-800-686-9544 or email support@biostarus.com

The nutrients in Optimum EQ Bars™ are all part of the vital whole food matrix which provides important enzymes, protein chaperones, chelated minerals, and nutritional cofactors for optimal cellular utilization. Optimum EQ™ provides vitamins, macro-minerals, micro-minerals, antioxidants, free amino acids, essential fatty acids, and medium-chain triglycerides in its formula.

Optimum EQ™ is not sourced from coal tar derivatives, petroleum extracts, acetone, hexane, mineral carbonates or mineral oxides.

Directions for Use: 

• Performance Horses: 

     2 bars twice daily, (or 1 ground scoop twice daily).
• Two to three year-olds: 

    1 bar twice daily, (or 1 ground scoop once daily).
• Yearlings: 

     1 bar daily, or (1/2 ground scoop once daily).
• Light work or retired horses: 

    1 bar twice daily, (or 1 ground scoop once daily).

Recommended Monthly Supply:

One bag of 120 bars (60 servings)


Whole Oranges, Whole Carrots, Whole Apples, Bananas, Organic Coconut, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sesame Seeds, Yeast Flakes, Whole Almonds, Organic Yellow Lentils, L. acidophilus Fermentation Product, Organic Fenugreek Seeds, Cabbage, Organic Algae Meal, Grey Sea Salt.

Countries of Origin

Oranges- USA


Apples- USA

Hemp Seed- Canada

Bananas- Costa Rica

Coconut- Philippines

Oat Bran- Canada

Coconut Oil- Philippines/Sri Lanka

Flax Seed- USA

Organic Pumpkin Seeds - China

Sesame Seeds- Mexico

Yeast Flakes- Germany

Whole Almonds- USA

Yellow Lentils- China

L. Acidophilus Fermentation Product- USA 

Fenugreek- USA

Cabbage- Germany

USDA Certified Organic Whole Algae Meal - 


Grey Sea Salt- Europe.

Product Analysis

Per Serving

(27 g powder, or 2 bars) 

Crude Protein (min) 

Crude Fat (min) 

Crude Fiber (max) 

Moisture (max) 

Ash (max) 

Calcium (min) 

Calcium (max) 

Phosphorus (max) 

Phosphorus (min) 

Magnesium (min) 

Potassium (min) 

Copper (min) 

Salt (min) 

Salt (max) 

Selenium (min) 

Zinc (min) 

Vitamin A (min) 












15 ppm




50 ppm

32930 IU/lb

       from beta carotene

Amino Acids: Glutamine (min): 1.058%, Aspartic Acid (min): 0.793%, Alanine (min): 0.779%, Arginine (min): 0.615%, Threonine (min): 0.562%, Tyrosine (min): 0.536%, Valine (min): 0.535%, Lysine (min): 0.518%, Leucine (min): 0.515%, Isoleucine (min): 0.421%, Phenylalanine (min): 0.396%, Glycine (min): 0.379%, Serine (min): 0.238%, Proline (min): 0.238%, Histidine (min): 0.209%, Tryptophane (min): 0.178%, Methionine (min): 0.146%, Cystine (min): 0.125%


in Gordonsville, VA

  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw

Watch our Video on the Making of Optimum:

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United States

Thank you for both wonderful service and product!!

After playing around with the idea of changing my feeding program for several months, and finding little real useful information on feeding a whole food diet for horses, I stumbled across the biostar website. I cannot tell you what a lucky find that was for me. Tigger Montague's book had just come out and contained exactly the information I was looking for to change my feeding program with confidence. I was so impressed by our phone consultation the next week, both with the quality of information and willingness to share it. The two horses that I transitioned to a whole food diet and booster supplements have never looked better! My warmblood cross eventer who has always been difficult to keep weight on (even maxing the grain, supplements, and free choice hay) just glows, and has had no weight loss even eating what looks like a fraction of his former ration. I feel really good about what I am feeding, the horses love it and are looking and working fabulously! Thank you so much for the great products and even more for the support!

Jacqueline M.
United States

Optimum bars are a must in our barn

I believe we have been buying Optimum bars for about 6-7 years now for our mares. They are the best treat or supplement money can buy. For consistent quality and freshness, you will not find anything like it in today's equine supplement market. Our horses are on a whole food diet, so Optimum is the perfect supplement along with soaked Chia seeds. We have seen a considerable improvement with our buckskin who went through skin reactions and allergies since we moved to South Florida, however Optimum along with the occassional extra boost of Spirulina during the height of Summer, has made the itching almost non-existent. We wouldn't trade Optimum for anything in the world!

Candace T.
United States

Great Product

Optimum EQ has helped keep my horse healthy and strong for her Dressage training. Her hooves and coat are in great shape, without the use of any other supplements. I am very happy with this product.

Joanna O.
United States

Love this product

An organic, whole food multivitamin is so hard to find and as with all Biostar products, it is carefully formulated. The bars are very convenient.

Julia T.
United States

My horse's coat has never looked better.

My horse's coat is, on a good day, a very deep chestnut. It's been my goal to get her to dapple, and I've owned her for over eight years- the first time she has ever dappled has been the spring she's been on this supplement. Coincidence? I think not. Thanks biostar!!

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