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Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Hemp seed oil is a key supplement to any canine diet. Hemp seed oil contains no THC and provides the perfect balance of omega-3, 6 and 9 for your dog.

  • Contains 2% GLA for additional support
  • Provides important antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin A (as carotene)
  • Helps maintain healthy glucose levels
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Provides naturally occurring phospholipids which help support the growth, renewal, and regeneration of cell membranes — especially for athletic performance, recovery, and stamina

Hemp Seed Oil does not contain CBD or THC. 

16 ounce bottle

"Love Empower K9! I bought this before to help skin condition and was very pleased with the increase in energy and skin improvement. I love this stuff!”   - Janet P.

Empower K9™ contains hemp grown without pesticides. The plant itself helps regenerate the soil due to its long root system, which supports the health of the soil and the environment. Hemp plants are grown from seeds containing no THC (developed in Finland), and that have not been genetically modified. Hemp oil is extracted through a special hemp press and is not subjected to high- heat processing like vegetable, corn, soy, and rice bran oils.

Directions for Use:

• Small dogs (under 20lbs): 1 tsp (4.24 g / 5 ml) once or twice daily.

• Medium dogs (21-50lbs): 2 tsps (8.5 g /10 ml) once or twice daily.

• Large dogs (51 plus pounds): 1 Tbsp (12.76 g /15 ml) 1-2  X  daily.

Active Ingredients (per 1 Tbsp /15 ml / 12756 mg) - double for 2 Tbsp:

Hemp Seed Oil………………………12756 mg


        7204.5 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acids

        2228.5 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids

        1366.0 mg Omega 9 Fatty Acids

           497.5 mg GLA

             14.2 mg Vitamin E

Countries of Origin

Hemp Seed Oil - Canada

• Grown without pesticides

• 0.00% THC

• Certificate of Analysis available on request.

Product Analysis

Per 12756 mg (12.7 g) (1 Tbsp or 15 ml)

Total Fat

     Saturated Fat

    Polyunsaturated Fat

None Detected:

Fiber, Sugar, Protein, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron.

Calories: 120 

99%.  ( 99g)

   9%   (  1 g)

  90% (98 g)

  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw

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Michelle A.
United States

empower k9

My dogs love this. I have a picky eater, a small frenchie, and he will go crazy for his food when this added. I have been feeding this about 2 months now.

Jennifer F.
United States

Great product!

My dogs love it & it keeps them shiny, happy, & healthy!

Donna C.
United States

Empower K9

Delivered timely. Can't Tell any difference in my retrievers as yet

Ronald S.
United States

Camelina oil provides unique nutritional benefits.

Because essential fatty acids are so unstable and can become rancid (damaged) when exposed to heat, light and oxygen I know my German Shepherds Dogs will NOT get the essential fatty acids they need from dry kibble. I purchased BioStar K-9 Camelina oil for two reasons. (1) It is Cold pressed & solvent free. (2) It has a good ratio of Omega-3's, to Omega-6's & the vitamin E will help it not to become rancid. Damaged fats will damage your dog. My German Shepherd Dogs coats have also improved. If you really care about your pets health, I suggest you educate yourself in the importance of essential fatty acids.

BioStarUS  Review
Ed B.
United States

Tanks Battle!

So far so good. Our Boxer (Tank) has been having Grand maul seizures since January. Vet has him on 6 anti convulsive meds and 2 thyriod pills a day. Was still seizing approx every 3 days. After 2 months on Empower he has gone to about 4 seizures a month ,with longer time in between events. I have taken him off of the thyriod meds about a month ago. Hopefully over the next months we can ween him off of the other pills! Keeping our fingers crossed and praying to God. We lost another Boxer( Baren) the dad last month due to a toumer. I wish that we would have had the chance to try Empower on him. RIP, BUDDY

BioStarUS  ReviewBioStarUS  Review

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