Optimum EQ 2.0
Optimum EQ 2.0Optimum EQ 2.0Optimum EQ 2.0Optimum EQ 2.0
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Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

BioStar's new generation of whole food multivitamin and mineral supplement supports equine health for well-being and performance. The new formula includes proteinated macro- and microminerals for improved bioavailability. Optimum 2.0 also provides essential amino acids, antioxidants, fulvic and humic acids and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Available in: 
Bags: 60 scoops (30 servings) or Bucket: 300 scoops.

As per the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA),
this product is not available for sale to residents of California.
For further information, call us 1-800-686-9544 or email support@biostarus.com

Optimum EQ 2.0™ is formulated with:
• Our proteinated mineral blend made with chain amino acids from rice (not soy), supports healthy bone, muscle, heart, brain, enzymes and hormones.
• Undenatured whey protein, organic algae meal, and pumpkin meal for essential amino acids and BCAAs to help build and maintain muscle.
• Beta carotene and vitamin D for important antioxidant support.
• Reed Sedge Peet for beneficial organic fulvic and humic acids that are often missing in present-day soils.
• Chia seeds for omega 3 fatty acids

Non-Structural Carbohydrates = 11.8%

Optimum EQ 2.0™ is not sourced from coal tar derivatives, petroleum extracts, acetone, or hexane. It is also not sourced from mineral carbonates or mineral oxides.

Directions for Use: 

Scoop included (32 g)
• Horses in training or hard work:
    1 scoop twice daily, or 2 scoops once daily.
• For horses in light work: 1 scoop per day.
• Weanlings: 1/2 scoop per day.
• Yearlings: 1 scoop per day.

Mineral Proteinate Complex (Silicon, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, and Boron Proteinates), Organic Algae Meal, Reed Sedge Peat, Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Carrot Powder, Chia, Undenatured Whey Protein, Selenium Yeast, Coconut Meal, Pumpkin Seed Meal, Fennel, Vitamin D, MCT Coconut Oil.

Countries of Origin

Mineral Proteinate Complex - USA
Organic Algae Meal - India/China
Chia Seeds - Ecuador/Bolivia
Organic Carrot Powder - USA
Selenium Yeast - Canada
Pumpkin Seed Meal - USA
Celtic Sea Salt - Europe
Reed Sedge Peat - USA
Undenatured Whey Protein - Canada
Vitamin D - USA
Fennel - India
Coconut Meal - Indonesia
MCT Coconut Oil - Indonesia/Malaysia

Product Analysis

Per 2 scoops (64 g)

Crude Protein (min) 

Crude Fat (min)   

Crude Fiber (max)   

Moisture (max)   

Calcium (min)  

Calcium (max) 

Phosphorus (min)

Phosphorus (max)

Magnesium (min)

Magnesium (max)

Potassium (min)

Copper (min)

Sodium (min)

Sodium (max)

Silicon (min)

Selenium (min)

Manganese (min)

 Sulfur (min)

Zinc (min)

Iron (min)

Vitamin A (min)

Vitamin D (min)


 (34.2%) 21888 mg 

   (9.81%) 6278.4 mg

    (8.86%) 5670.4 mg

    (8.17%) 5229 mg

    (1.10%) 704 mg 

    (1.20%) 768 mg

    (0.91%) 582 mg 

    (0.99%) 634 mg

    (0.63%) 403 mg

    (0.69%) 442 mg

   (1.04%) 656 mg

  (131 ppm) 8.4 mg

  (3.07%) 1964 mg

  (3.34%) 2138 mg

  (1.4%) 900 mg

   (7.85 ppm) 0.50 mg

  (1062 ppm) 68 mg

  (0.60% 384 mg

 (798 ppm) 51.1 mg

(354 ppm) 22.8 mg

(4400 IU) 2650.6mcg
from beta carotene

(800 IU) 20.0mcg

(4.2 kcal/g) 268.8 kcal/serving 

Amino Acids:
Glutamine (min): 5.04%
Aspartic Acid (min): 2.92%
Alanine (min): 1.92%
Alanine (min): 1.80%

Arginine (min): 2.52%

Threonine (min): 1.07%

Tyrosine (min): 1.34%

Valine (min): 1.79%

Lysine (min): 1.47%

Leucine (min): 2.52%

Isoleucine (min): 1.53%

Phenylalanine (min): 1.46%

Glycine (min): 1.35%

Serine (min): 1.46%

Proline (min): 1.33%

Histidine (min): 0.68%

Tryptophane (min): 0.34%

Methionine (min): 0.62%

Cystine (min): 0.48%


in Gordonsville, VA

  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw

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