Optimum K9 Healthy Weight
Optimum K9 Healthy WeightOptimum K9 Healthy Weight
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Canine Supplement for Weight Management

Optimum K9 Healthy Weight™ is a supplement made especially for dogs that need to watch their waistlines. As an addition to your dog’s meals, this formula helps maintain a healthy weight while ensuring your dog is getting the vitamins, minerals and whole body support he needs from real bioavailable ingredients. 

Featuring the patented blend Crominex® 3+,  with bioavailable trivalent Chromium, to help maintain lean body mass; plus Shilajit to support energy and healthy metabolism; and Indian Gooseberry which supports circulation. 

120 scoops per bag provides for a large dog for 30 days. 

Optimum K9 Healthy Weight™ provides:

• Crominex® 3+: Chromium is a trace mineral that is involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and can help to maintain lean body mass. The Ayurvedic bioresin Shilajit supports the mitochondria of the cells, which can affect metabolism.  The mitochondria are responsible for cellular respiration, and ATP: the energy currency of the body. 

• Reishi and Cordyceps Mushrooms (mycelia, spores, and fruit bodies) support the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA Axis).

• Antioxidant support from blueberries, organic kale, and almond powder. 

• Desiccated beef liver, coconut meal, organic hemp seeds, GMO-free nutritional yeast, organic spirulina, and Ascophyllum nodosum (kelp). 

Directions for Use:
Scoop Included = 2.55 g (one teaspoon) 

Dogs 20 lbs or less: 1 scoop (2.55g) daily.

Dogs 21-49 lbs: 2 scoops daily.

Dogs 50 lbs or more: 4 scoops daily.

Active Ingredients (per 4 scoops (10.2g): 
Spirulina (Organic) .................................... 2594 mg 
Yeast Flakes (Organic) ................................ 631 mg
Almond Powder ........................................... 584 mg
Ascophyllum nodosum (Organic Kelp) ...... 526 mg
Proprietary Probiotic Blend ...................... 421 mg
     [L.acidophilus, L.reuteri, L.salivarius]
Cordyceps Mushrooms (Organic) ............ 404 mg
Blueberry Powder (Organic) ..................... 301 mg
Reishi Mushrooms (Organic) ..................... 292 mg
Crominex® 3+ ............................................. 131 mg
     [Trivalent chromium complex with Phyllanthus embolic

      fruit extract (Indian Gooseberry) and purified Shilajit]

 Kale Powder (Organic) .............................. 121 mg

Inactive Ingredients: Coconut Meal, Desiccated Beef Liver Powder, Organic Hemp Seeds. 

750 million CFU's per serving.

Countries of Origin

Blueberry Powder - Canada

Crominex® 3+ - USA

Organic Yeast Flakes - Germany

Whole Almond Powder - USA

Organic Spirulina - India/China

Organic Ascophyllum nodosum - UK

Probiotic Blend - Canada

Organic Kale Powder - USA

Desiccated Beef Liver Powder - Argentina

Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms - China

Organic Reishi Mushrooms - China

Hemp Seeds - Canada

Coconut Meal - Indonesia

Product Analysis


Per 10.2 g (4 scoops)


Crude Protein (min)

Crude Fat (min) 

Crude Fiber (max)

Moisture (max)

Ash (max)  

Calcium (min)  

Calcium (max)  

Phosphorus (min) 

Phosphorus (max)  

Magnesium (min)  

Magnesium (max)  

Potassium (min) 

Copper (min) 

Salt (min)  

Salt (max)    

Iron (min)  

Manganese (min)

38.25 kcal/10.2 g

39.4% (930.8 mg) 

16.0% (408 mg)

5.81% (148.2 mg)

7.35% (187.4 mg)

6.82% (173.9 mg)

0.22% (5.6 mg)

0.24% (6.1 mg)

0.78% (19.9 mg)

0.84% (21.4 mg)

0.32% (8.2 mg)

0.34% (8.7 mg)

1.36% (34.7 mg)

12.8 ppm (0.03 mg)

0.64% (16.3 mg)

0.69% (17.6 mg)

203 ppm (0.52 mg) 

46.1 ppm (0.12 mg)

  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw


in Gordonsville, VA

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United States United States

My recent experience with Biostar

Absolutely amazing Biostar is so efficient I placed several orders and received them within a day or two.I had a phone consult regarding both my horses and she was very very helpful totally amazing. I will be ordering from Biostar for both my dogs and horses truly outstanding company and products.

United States United States

Decent sounding product with no results

Ordered for my horses and my elderly dog. Do not see any indication of results on either species. I cannot find fault with the product itself, or the fact all the animals seem to like it. We are just not seeing results and it is too expensive to continue using if if it not working for my animals. Sorry I have to report what my experience has been.

Ann E.
United States United States

Optimum K9

After a month still working on it. Seems to be looking good. Weight has not gone down but fingers crossed. I really like bio star’s products

United States United States

no more scratching

I love this stuff! My springers are maintaining weight and my oldest female has stopped scratching all the time.

Carrie H.
United States

It does the trick!

I have three Aussies. Two of them came to me because they needed new homes, and they came overweight. They are 8 and 11-years-old. The vet put us on a restricted calorie diet, and I also started using K9 Optimum Healthy Weight. It's working great. I really think the K9 Healthy Weight is doing the trick. The 11-year-old has lost almost five pounds and the 8-year-old has lost 1.4 pounds, which is great because she's a chunky girl. I'm happy with the way they're gradually losing weight, and I notice that they have quite a bit more energy and their coats are shinier. They've perked up!

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