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Joints & Connective Tissue

Joints and Connective Tissue Supplements by BioStar US


Joint health is crucial for horses, especially if they are going through high intensity training for performances and competition. Our equine joint supplements provide strength from whole food sources to your horse’s weight-bearing bones, tendons and ligaments. While we may not ask such extreme demands from our dogs, proper joint health for dogs – especially active ones - is incredibly important as well, especially as they age.

Keeping dog and horse tendons and ligaments strong and healthy is critical. Whether you have an energetic farm horse, an athletic canine or a competition horse with a vigorous training schedule, their tendons and ligaments can take a bit of strain. By providing the connective tissues with essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, our whole food tendon supplements for horses prevent future horse tendon injury or minimize healing and repair time in horse tendon injury recovery. At BioStar US, our selection of dog and horse health products are guaranteed to boost overall equine and canine health - and quality of life.

We can ensure that your horse joint supplements and joint support for dogs are made out of 100% whole food ingredients with zero harmful, commercial additives. Using only the best ingredients we can get our hands on, browse our selection of joint supplements for dogs and horses from BioStar US here.