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Support for Equine Connective Tissue

Ligatend EQ™ helps repair and support equine connective tissue. By providing your horse with specific ingredients, Ligatend EQ™ supports the natural repair process for tendons and ligaments with specific proteins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants.

Available in a 30 Servings Jar. Scoop Included.

As per the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA),
this product is not available for sale to residents of California.
For further information, call us 1-800-686-9544 or email

Ligatend EQ™ 

• Chia seeds provide the amino acids proline and lysine. These two amino acids assist in the production of collagen.

• Almond powder provides vitamin E and zinc.

• Organic kale provides sulfur for the body's synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. 

• Yellow lentils provide the amino acid methionine, used by the body for nucleic acid and collagen production.

• Organic oranges (powder) are a good source of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids essential to the synthesis of collagen.

• Bovine colostrum (Colostrum-38 EQ™) provides over 70 different growth factors for cellular support.

Directions for Use: 

(Scoop Included = 43 g )

1 scoop once per day.

Active Ingredients per scoop (43 g)

Yellow Lentils (Organic) ...................... 12880 mg

Chia Seeds .................................................10741 mg

Sesame Seeds (Organic) ......................... 6980 mg

Montmorillonite Clay .............................. 4357 mg

Orange Powder (Organic) ..................... 2308 mg

Bovine Colostrum (rBGH-free)  .......... 1332 mg

Kale Powder (Organic) .............................. 964 mg

Inactive Ingredient: Whole Almond Powder,


in Gordonsville, VA

Countries of Origin

Chia Seeds- USA/Ecuador

Yellow Lentils- China

Almond Powder- USA

Orange Powder- USA

Sesame Seeds- Mexico

Colostrum- Canada

Kale Powder- USA

Montmorillonite Clay - USA

Product Analysis

Per scoop (33 g)

Crude Protein (min) 

Crude Fat (min)   

Crude Fiber (max)   

Acid Detergent Fiber (max)  

Neutral Detergent Fiber (max)

Calcium (min-max)

Phosphorus (min)

Copper (min) 

Selenium (min)

Zinc (min)

Iron (min)    

Manganese (min)

Sulfur (min)

Potassium (min)

Magnesium (min)








 10.9 ppm

0.22 ppm

40.8 ppm

253 ppm

56.9 ppm




  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw

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Hillary J.
United States

Really Helped with Tendon Injury

My horse sustained an injury to one of his tendons. The first thing I did was call Tigger. One of the products she told me to start him on was the Ligatend EQ. My horse healed very quickly and never had to be on complete stall rest; he was able to walk daily. I attribute his quick rate of healing to the BioStar products I used during his injury, which included Litagend EQ.

Laura E.
United States

Too short to tell and supply not 30 days.

As I have reported is too short of a time frame to deduce whether this product is facilitating ligament healing. On another note, I will say that the "30 day" supply is no where near that.

Becky M.
United States

Ligatend EQ

Ligatend EQ seems to be helping my mare that previously had a tendon injury from deeper footing. This seems to be strengthening that tendon, and I haven’t noticed any unsoundness since starting her on it.

Betty T.
United States United States

Ligatend EQ

I have a horse that was diagnosed with a hind suspensory. After being on Ligatnd EQ for 30 days, he was rescanned and the suspensory was healing nicely. I am now moving in to trot sets with him. What a great product. Thank you BioStar!

Betty T.
United States United States

Ligatend EQ

I love BioStar. I have been using the Ligatend EQ on 3 rehab horses. Two of these horses just came back from the vet’s office for scans. Their scans looked great and we are able to move on with the rehab. Thank you BioStar. I don’t think I would be as far in the rehab if it wasn’t for your product.

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