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Healthy Gut Balance for Horses

Biostar has combined specific plants commonly found in old English hedgerows for digestion and gut support (peppermint leaf, rosehips, nettle leaf, mallow leaf, and fennel seeds) with the unique qualities of the spore probiotic Bacillus subtilis (DE-111®), fermented turmeric (Fermeric®), the medicinal fungi Cordyceps sinensis, and active probiotic strains Lactobacillus and Bifidus; plus the prebiotics MOS, inulin and reed sedge peat.

Hedgerow GI is the first equine supplement to support homeostasis of the complex orchestra that is the GI tract, comprised of microbes, immune cells, metabolites, and the tight junctions of the gut. This exclusive blend provides dimensional support for gut homeostasis.

Available in 30 scoops or bulk (120 scoops)

"Since starting Hedgerow GI, Mia’s personality has done a 180. I saw a difference in her after three days on Hedgerow GI, and she was back to herself on day 5 of Hedgerow. It is so wonderful to see her so happy again. We are once again getting ready for our Grand Prix debut. I can put a leg on her sides and her back feels loose and supple instead of tight and reactive."  

~ Jim Koford.

Hedgerow GI™ Learn more about Hedgerow GI on our blog.

Directions for Use: Scoop Included = 15g

1 scoop (15 g) once or twice per day.

Can be used daily or as needed.

Active Ingredients [per 15 g scoop]: 

Hedgerow® Proprietary Blend ................... 6344 mg

   [Fennel Seeds, Rosehips (organic),
    Peppermint Leaf, Nettle Leaf (organic),
    Mallow Leaf (organic)]

Reed Sedge Peat ………………......................… 4030 mg

BioFlora EQ™ …………………........................… 2483 mg

   [Microencapsulated Proprietary Blend:
     (Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacilus rhamnosus,
      Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifiidobacterium longum,
      Lactobacillus acidophilus
, Inulin, Manno-

Fermented Turmeric ................. 1118 mg

Cordyceps mushroom................. 714 mg

Bacillus subtilis (DE-111®)............ 547 mg

Inactive Ingredient: Sunflower Oil.

Total CFU’s per scoop: 150 Billion

Countries of Origin

Bacillus subtillis - USA

Cordyceps sinesis - USA

Fennel Seed - India

Fermented Turmeric - Belgium

Mallow Leaf (organic) - Croatia/Albania/USA

Nettle Leaf (organic)  - Europe

Peppermint Leaves - USA

BioFlora EQ proprietary blend - Canada

Reed Sedge Peat - USA

Rosehips, seedless (organic) - Chile/South Africa

Sunflower Oil - Spain

Product Analysis

Per scoop (15 g)

Crude Protein (min)

Crude Fat (min)

Crude Fiber (max)

Acid Detergent Fiber (max)

Neutral Detergent (max)

Magnesium (min) 

Phosphorus (min)

Potassium (min)

Sodium (min)

Copper (min)

Zinc (min)

Iron (min)

Manganese (min)










10.2 ppm

24.6 ppm

977 ppm

86.5 ppm

  • No Preservatives

  • No fillers or binders

  • No Added Flavorings

  • Wheat Free

  • Soy Free

  • Raw

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United States United States

This worked when nothing else has

My 14 year old has had watery stools for 8 years. We couldn't find any reason for it. I have had him on Yea-Sacc for 7 years. It helps but doesn't eliminate the problem. After 2 days on Hedgerow GI, he has not had another watery stool! It has been about 3 weeks now, so I am thrilled! I have my other 2 horses on it as well to keep their guts happy too. Thanks, BioStar!!

Canada Canada

Tentatively very happy

I had no trouble getting my horse to eat this, so that makes me happy. It seems to have settled his stomach and his fecal water is 90% under control with now other changes, this makes me even happier. It made me brave enough to try stopping the omeprazole. It'll take me a bit longer to judge if that is going to be ok, but so far the signs are good. Fingers crossed.

United States United States

Great productm, far too expensive.

Charli M.
United States United States

I'm not quite sure if it's helping

I'm going to be going on my 3 months of hedgerow but I'm not sure it's helping my gelding, he's got a very sensitive stomach and hindgut but it doesn't seem to be helping him any.

Martha B.
United States United States

Fabulous Hind Gut Support

Over the last nine plus years, my horse has had intermittent loose stool. The only product that has helped him is Hedgerow GI.

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