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Increase performance, decrease health risks

The Horse Hydrator is a small filter that easily screws onto the end of your hose to improve water quality and encourage horses to drink. Since water comprises 70% of your horse's body weight and is essential for almost all bodily processes, even slight dehydration can result in a noticeable decrease in performance. 

The Hydrator encourages your horse to stay hydrated by reducing foreign tastes and smells, including those from chemicals or soluble heavy metals. This is especially helpful for horses who turn up their nose at new water sources when traveling or for regularly "picky drinkers." However, you may also see an increase in water consumption of "good drinkers" as well!

The Horse Hydrator filters most effectively for about three months (or about 2,000 gallons) before needing replacement. It's a must-have around the barn and its eight inch length makes it easily portable in your tack trunk or horse trailer. Wherever your horse goes, Horse Hydrator should go too!

Simply attach the horse hydrator to a hose or spigot and let the water run through it. Lasts about 3 months, or 2000 gallons.

Please note: 
When you first attach a new filter and turn on the water, darkened water runs out for a few seconds before turning clear. This is just the carbon filter activating, and is normal.

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Carol H.
United States

Good for horses with compromised health

My horse had kidney issues and along with other alternatives, she is doing well.

United States United States

Not impressed

I tried it, but didn't increase either horses water intact. I let the hose run with it on for quite awhile. Didn't see any difference. You kindly returned my money on it. Thank you very much. Love all the other products I have received from you.

Elizabeth W.

I use it daily

I'm glad to see BioStar now carries this item. I started using one in my stable at home last spring for my two horses. I am on the second filter in March 2017. I keep a log of how many gallons used so I know when to replace it. The side benefit is that I know how much they are drinking. They both took EXTRA LONG drinks the first time I filled the big barrels, which are stainless steel to avoid plastic flavors/leaching. I gave them smaller buckets with the filtered water at first so they had a choice while they got used to the "new water." They have plastic heated buckets for winter if the big ones freeze, but they aren't needed often. I also use it for hay pellet soaking water and for the final rinse at bath time at the wash rack! Who knows what is in the water these days! Ours gets chlorinated every so often by the water company. It also leaves brown or light green/grey stains on porcelain in the home and it is very hard water. I don't drink it or shower with it without filtration. Horses drink so much more than humans, so they need pure water! I didn't log water use before using the filters, but I am refilling more often so they continue to drink more. This is an economical way to go vs. a whole system filter and it's easy to use.

Lizzy M.


My herd of 4 horses, 1 donkey and 1 mini-mule drink from their water tanks so much better with the Horse Hydrator. It is helping them to stay hydrated in the *very hot/humid Texas heat. I have a well with hard water, no chlorine or fluoride, thankfully. The high mineral content (very common in my area) has been an issue for one horse with a history of kidney stress/colic. With the Hydrator, he urinates much better and in greater volume. He LOVES the water-drinks and seems satisfied and walks away. He used to stand at the trough sipping throughout the day, never satisfied. He does not have kidney pain or a sore lower back (as he did before). The herd drinks about a third more than they normally drink without the Hydrator. It is VERY easy to use-just screw it onto the hose and fill the trough. It does not slow down the water flow. I have tasted the water from the Hydrator and it tastes very clean, similar to my home filter. I realize it's not "fixing" my hard water situation, per say. A water softener with salt or potassium is not an option-far worse for the land and horses. It is certainly helping the horses to stay well-hydrated and happy as I seek a long-term solution.

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