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Origin-LLM Artisan Poultice

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Artisan Poultice for Lumbar Limb and Muscle

Origin-LLM (lumbar, limb, muscle) is designed specifically for use on areas of edema, swelling, inflammation, and heat. It can be used to tighten and cool legs, sore muscles, joints and connective tissue before and after daily training and competition. Made in the ancient traditions of poultices, by hand, and without metal implements.

Origin LLM arrives pre-mixed to expert consistency with Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, and Organic Apple Cider. Available in Small (close to Pint size), and Large (close to Quart size). The dry mix is designed specifically for travel, or to have on hand in order to make a truly fresh poultice for the feet. It can also be used as a foundation poultice to add your own herbs or essential oils.

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Available as:
• Premixed - Small (about a pint) or Large (about a quart)
• Dry - enough mix for about a pint.

Artisan Poultices:
Our poultices are made by hand in the time honored art of poultice preparation, without the use of stainless steel instruments (utensils, mixers, bowls) to ensure high conductivity of the clays. The unique concentration of clays and essential oils are designed for a thin layer application. Although a heavy or thick application can be applied, it is not necessary. Using a thin layer will produce superior results.

• Origin LLM combines Kaolin, Bentonite, and Sea Clay with holy basil oil, oregano oil, and the essential oils frankincense and myrrh. The combination of these oils provides an aromatherapy effect for horses, and helps to reduce muscle soreness.
• Arnica Extract has been used for hundreds of years for bruises and strains. Arnica can also help to increase blood supply and the rate of circulation to sore muscles, bruises and strains.
• Calendula Oil is a time-honored ingredient used for inflammation. Epsom salts are important for their support of muscle and nerve function and high magnesium content.
• Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel provide anti-inflammatory support and have a history of topical use on horses that dates back to Babylon and ancient Greece.

Directions for Use:
Apply a thin even layer to horse’s legs, back, neck, or muscle areas. Wet towels applied on top of the poultice for an hour or more will help keep the poultice moist and provides faster results. For legs, apply poultice, then wrap in soaked brown paper, with a standing bandage over them.

Calcium Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Sea Clay, Epsom Salt, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Calendula Herbal Oil, Borax Powder, Arnica Flower Extract, Holy Basil Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil.

Made by hand in the USA.


Countries of Origin:
Calcium Bentonite Clay- USA, Kaolin Clay- USA, Witch Hazel- USA, Distilled Water- USA, Sea Clay- Israel, Epsom Salt- USA, Apple Cider Vinegar- USA, Calendula Flower- USA, Borax- USA, Arnica Flower- USA, Holy Basil Oil- India, Oregano Oil- USA, Frankincense Oil- India, Myrrh Oil- India.

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